Some topics we may address include: 

  • Personal Presence/Professional Impact: Managing Perceptions
  • Etiquette and Protocol for Business and Social Environments
  • Communicating with Clarity, Confidence and Conviction
  • Mastering the Skill of Networking: Captivating Conversations
  • Personal Communication Styles: Why don't they do it my way?​

The Image Resource Center of NY, founded byDominique Isbecque, provides training, products and services in the field of image development, personal presentation and the "Art of Effective Image Communication". Its three areas of expertise are Personalized Coaching for Individuals, Communications Seminars and Coaching for Professional and Corporate Groups, and Training and Professional Development Coaching for image professionals. She is known in the industry as the "Coach's Coach".

Dominique Isbecque has over 30 years of leadership experience in this phenomenal growth industry and has consistently infused the image profession with innovative concepts and services.  

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"We are in the age of self expression, personal branding, and corporate consciousness."

When you communicate with confidence, doors open before you and dreams become reality

Because her firm is actively involved in all aspects of the image consulting profession, her programs are rich with experience, commitment, inspiration and sensitivity. Dominique and her team have mastered the latest and most concrete techniques in image development and customer service. Among these are communication skills, business and social etiquette, wardrobe planning, color and make up application, personal communication style and image psychology. Her approach is always upbeat, reaffirming, positive and enlightening.  


You will gain an understanding of the impact of image. The result will be an honest and clear representation of yourself that's in alignment with your personal and professional goals. You will learn tools to effectively carry out that image at all times and have fun in the process. In addition, you will have ongoing image- and personal-effectiveness support at your fingertips.

How we can help you solve your image and communication challenges.  Contact us to set up your image communication and/or image business development chat.