The Skills 2 Services Training (or S2S)  combines webinars, live interactive tutorials, a problem solving forum and fun exercises to help you put theory into practice. As a full service image consultant, you need to know how to tailor your consulting skills involving color, clothing and shopping to each individual client and that’s exactly what you’ll learn how to do in this training. 

Each week we focus on a different consulting skill and its applications. In the private problem-solving peer community, we tackling common challenges, celebrate innovative ideas and test out new marketing strategies that contribute to the long-term growth of your skills and your business.

This comprehensive training program is designed to give you the skills, structure and the confidence you need to grow your business more quickly.

Now formatted as ON- Demand !

Fit it into your schedule, your time zone & with more

individual coaching for you.

S 2 S - Structure Your Client Services,

and WOW Your Clients

Be the inspiration that helps your clients transform their lives through your professional image services!

Begin your professional image consulting practice

and design a career that is rewarding, profitable

transforming you and your clients

  S2S - Skills to Services Onboarding Program An Image Builder Training Academy Program

Skills 2 Services   On-Demand Training with Coaching  

Skills to Services   Helps you structure your Image Skills into Your Client Services so that Your Target Clients will be “wowed” and wanting more.

Design a pathway and process that meets client expectations and helps you

be a Well-Paid Image Professional!


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This is for you if :

  • you want to take your image consulting business to the next level
  • you have learned some basic skills and now want to learn how to put theory into practice
  • you want to be part of a community of professionals with whom you can share ideas, network and grow
  • you have been working in the field and want a skills refresher
  • you are ready to turn your passion into your profession in a way that is fun and sustainable
  • Want basic analysis skills so you can begin taking on your first clients (or increasing your fees because you know you can promise the value)

You’ll be able to :

  • conduct a full Image Consultation from beginning to end
  • apply an in-depth color analysis and suggest colors according to your clients’ energy, style and personality
  • select shapes and styles according to the test client’s body types, body structure and proportions, including clients with “fit challenges”
  • select shapes and styles according to the test client’s body types, body structure and proportions, including clients with “fit challenges”
  • select and match patterns, prints and fabrics that link to a person’s features
  • create wardrobe plans and strategies for a client’s lifestyle, comfort zone and professional and personal goals
  • educate clients so they feel empowered and still have them come back for more
  • use methodology behind both add-on sessions of closet analysis (shop their closet) and personal shopping
  • Use communication techniques and strategies to build rapport and long term client relationships

Investment cost-

is $ 997 USD


4 payments of $259

Do you have your Essential Skills to work with clients to transform their image

but are not sure if you are doing it in the best way?

Do you want to put Your Services into practice and launch or

grow your consulting business?

Wouldn’t you like to get going sooner than later and have the confidence

that this is the best way for you to do it?

Then let S2S –  The Skills 2 Services virtual program
Get You Onto Your Path To
Image Consulting Success !

Your training begins when you choose to start it


Your S2S On-Boarding Program begins

as soon as you resister

You can fit it into your own schedule

When you sign up

Dominique will start you off with

a private client assessment session,

the first of four


How we can help you solve your image and communication challenges.  Contact us to set up your image communication and/or image business development chat.

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