​Step ​​3: 

    Wardrobe Acquisitions or "Shopping the Stores"

    Key Highlights:

    We shop with you to build a wardrobe that supports your goals, styles and budget.

    Because we have pre-shopped (research is included) most of the guesswork and

    overwhelm is handled. Our clear purpose is to find your item that build upon your

​    existing wardrobe, fill in accessory gaps, and/or take you in a new direction that

    supports your image and lifestyle goals. In the dressing room you will learn the inside

    secrets to accessories, balance, proportion and color combinations along with the

    role of fabrics. We shop with you and help you become a savvy shopper.

You become more decisive and confident with your

​clothing and style.

    3 - 4 hour session  


 Contact Us... to explore which path best supports you to reach your objectives

by addressing either your Image or Communication Goals. 

The following additional topics can be addressed in both the coaching sessions

for individuals, as well as in group formats:

Communication Coaching Sessions are completely YOU focused. 

The first step is an assessment of your personal communication style (DISC included), to understand your natural strengths and tendencies for us to leverage.  We'll transform any limitations into assets as we work on the skills practice and mastery.  With the assessment as a foundation and launch point, we can outline your objectives with clear outcomes.  Together, we then map out a coaching process listing the specific skills to be practiced and mastered, including the time frames for the sessions.

Typically, sessions are 45 to 75 minutes long with time in between for skills practice and assimilation.  

The first two sessions are in person. Others may be scheduled by phone for convenience.

A 5-session package includes theDISC profile and two additional 15-minute phone meetings if needed.  

Best results are achieved when the 5-session package is completed within 2 months. 


​​​​​Our trained consultants become your personal Image Support Team and work with you, keeping your

image goals, visual identity, personality, budget and lifestyle in mind.  Understanding each of these elements

and how they interrelate is essential to effectively creating a personal style that represents your honesty and

supports you in reaching your goals.  

We have discovered that the combination of services which have the most immediate impact, give you the most

useful tools for future image management and provide the most long-range savings, is ​Color Assessment, then

Body & Style Analysis with either "Shopping in Your Closet" or Personal Shopping. ​

​By the end of your coaching, you will be able to

manage your image with confidence and drive your life with conviction. 

  ​​​  Step 1:

    Image & Style Assessment with Basic Color Analysis

​    You will receive:

  • A personal profile of your image and personal style preferences based upon the results of two self-assessments completed in advance
  • ​An evaluation identifying components of your optimum image including color,

           style, body language and psychology of dressing

  • Strategic image solutions for perception management
  • A personal color palette and workbook
  • A written action plan designed to support you in effectively managing the image communication process and achieving your objectives

     90 minute session    

Developing an image that truly represents you at your best, which genuinely and clearly communicates to others

who you are, is a process that takes time, self-awareness and some visualization.  

It's a process that, with the proper tools and guidance, can open doors in both your personal and professional life.  

It can simplify your life, make best use of your budget, reclaim time, strengthen your relationships, as well as provide

you with the confidence and conviction to be your absolute best.  

As your life-goals and lifestyle change, so will your image goals.  With the right tools you will be able to adjust your

visual image to suit those life changes.

​​Whether you are someone with a closet full of clothes but feel like you have "nothing to wear" 

or seeking an Image Management Plan to help you confidently navigate through uncertain territories,

we have a Development Plan for you.

All new clients, men and women, begin with an assessment.

​​​​We have two often requested paths, each with a different emphasis:

  • One focuses on theVisual Image -  personal presence  (clothing, signature style, finishing touches and comportment)
  • The second focuses on the Communication Style  (media & presentation preparation, behavior, leadership  & interpersonal relations)


Both increase your Professional Presence and Personal Impact, will save valuable time, increase confidence

and ultimately position you for new opportunities.

    Step ​2: 

    Wardrobe Assessment or "Shopping in Your Closet"

    Key Highlights:

Together we review your wardrobe and accessories based upon your color, style type and lifestyle needs.

  • We'll assess them for fit, function, relevance to current goals, personal style preferences, as well as those for fun.
  • We identify the ideal garments and outfits that best suit your body type, goals and signature style.
  • We'll qualify what's great and what does not support your current goals.
  • We will create a wardrobe plan for the key events and situations that are top of mind.
  • Where necessary, we list any items needed to complete outfits with an action for how/when to fill them in.

The end result is a closet full of things to wear that reflect who you are and express who you want to be.

    3 - 4 hour session    




Don't let a lack of communication skills, clarity or a possible discomfort of speaking

derail your career or personal success.

Image Development Coaching Process

What's best for you?

Communicating with Confidence in Your Business and Personal Life

Mastering the art of networking. How to effectively develop rapport with strangers and transform them into mutually beneficial relationships. Being at ease in any social situation. Becoming familiar with unfamiliar events.

Dining Disaster Prevention 101

Maximize professionalism, effectiveness and social ease.  Learn essential dining skills, entertaining customs and how to work the business cocktail gathering.  We address American vs. Continental, table settings, tipping, appropriate menu ordering, seating strategies, the Interview or Sales Lunch and faux pas recovery.  Etiquette and dining are usually conducted over a meal.

Focus on

Communication Presence


    This typical process starts with:

   1)  A communication style assessment using the DiSC profile.

    We identify the objectives and obstacles.

   2)  We begin the Coaching Plan of1:1 sessions each working on               strategic skills introducing easy to master communication tools.

   3)  The Coaching Process can be as few as 5 sessions and as many            as are needed in order to meet the objectives.​​

Focus on

Image, Appearance & Style


    This typical process starts with:

   1)  A complete assessment of image, personal, business and/or                 lifestyle goals, components of image and a beginning wardrobe plan.

   2)  An assessment of the current wardrobe (Shop Your Closet).

   3)  Wardrobe Acquisition, otherwise known as Personal Shopping.

   4)  Optional ongoing Image and Image Communication Coaching.


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Personal Communication Styles

How to instantly adapt to any situation and communicate with almost anyone.

For more then twenty years, the Personal Profile System, through its DISC Dimensions of Behavior learning approach, has unlocked the door to productive communication and relationships for over 30 million people worldwide.  The DISC approach provides a nonjudgmental language for exploring behavioral issues.  It can be used to:

   1) Discover strengths;

   2) Manage effectively;

   3) Foster teamwork;

   4) Improve communication skills;

   5) Reduce conflict and stress; and

   6) Increase productivity through relationship building. 

Nonverbal Communication

We review gestures, posture, comportment, eye contact: all the innuendoes and subtle messages of body language. 

Our coaching processis designed to teach you how to manage the perception messages you

send out using your signature style;  identify, maximize and leverage your image assets.

Etiquette and Protocol 

 The appropriate forms of address; meetings, greetings and strategic seating; general  conversation dos and don'ts. 

Verbal Communication

How one speaks, listens, expresses and chooses one's words, diction and phraseology, telephone, electronic and face-to-face communication  etiquette. 


Whether you are to cultivate relationships or speak at board meetings,

you will communicate with confidence and get results.

        Common reasons that professionals request this coaching path:

  • To go from Fearful to being totally Confident when presenting in meetings
  • To connect in social or business settings to more authentically cultivate business contacts
  • To project the best self when interviewing or networking
  • To better manage communication dynamics with staff, direct reports, coworkers and supervisors by reading messages and nonverbal cues of others and mastering techniques for optimal results
  • To prepare for video recordings, media interview or on-camera presentations
  • To go from Good to Great!

Appropriate Business-Casual Dress

Learn current expectations and needs based on industry, status (both acquired and desired), profession and geographic region.

How we can help you solve your image and communication challenges.  Contact us to set up your image communication and/or image business development chat.


Every coaching process is tailored to address the needs, objectives

and budgets of our clients.


Design The Coaching Package

That Suits Your Goals, Timeframe, Budget And Personal Style.