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This set of suiting drapes allows you to diagnose using warm to cool solid suiting fabrics for your male clients and executives. It is easiest to get their  buy-in when using fabric tools more familiar to their lifestyle (and eyes).  Each drape is 6.5 inches by 12.5 inches.     $55 per set of 12 suiting drapes.

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This is an excellent platform to use when working with your one on one clients, to organize their wardrobe items, recommend additional items for their purchase and acquisition and to also create LookBooks.  This is a membership platform designed especially for image consultants.  Contact HueandStripe.comdirectly for details and a demonstration.

This is your set of suiting drapes when working with men and executives.  Set can be used to guide your clients showing  warm and cool versions of selected patterns,scale of patterns and fabric types.  Includes pinstripes, herringbone, glen plaids and specialty tweeds.  Each drape is 6.5 Inches by 12.5 inches and the set comes with it's own portable suiting carrying pouch.       $215 per set of 25 suiting drapes


Find out the secret formula to having more clients,and the ideal clients. Master how to best meet their expectations so that they react with  "

Wow, I'm so glad that I hired you!"  

This6-part video training walks you through the process so that you can WOW your clients and keep them coming back for more.

$ 497

List of Modules :

  1. Drivers of Success
  2. Q's Sales ARC Process
  3. Needs Assessments
  4. Powerful Questions
  5. Connecting with Ideal Clients
  6. The Art of Delivery for Results

The Perfect FIT, How to start an image consulting business, Written by industry leaders Lynne Marks, AICI, CIM and Dominique Isbecque, AICI, CIP.  This is the industry bible on how to start your own professional image consulting business. It includes practical worksheets, checklists and an inventory of your skill sets to assess your strengths and areas for growth.

$35 plus shipping

Universal Colors are ones that can look well on most people.  We have a saying, "If you have trouble diagnosing your client, then start with the Universals".   The Universals are fabric swatches selected and hand mounted on an 8 1/2 inch sheet and protected in a clear plastic sheath.      $15 each

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Provide your clients with a fan of their color palette. These are in the four seasons system with each seasonal fan includes over 200 colors.  These are available directly from Color Me A Season.  Get your fans at half price  by using the promo code ofDominique when checking out. No minimum quantity.


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The Quick Color Undertone Cardsare used to identify the undertone of skin tone.  They are made by hand, of fabric swatches and portable to easily carry anywhere. Each cards shows its reds, neutrals and its corresponding metallic of gold and silver.  $45 per set of 2 QCC  (1 warm + 1 cool)

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We also recommend . ..

Yes, You Can is a collection of interviews with a broad base of entrepreneurs and motivational speakers.   In it Dominique Isbecque shares her journey to success, the roadblocks overcome and when she parachuted from an airplane$17 plus shipping

Dominique Isbecque created the Seasonal RangeFinders © as a unique diagnostic tool for trained color consultants to use when identifying those individuals whose coloring is a bit more complex, requiring a more in depth analysis.  Each set includes 16 Diagnostic Boards, each with fabric swatches sequenced to specifically represent a specific range of colors or a "variation" of a color palette.  The set can be used in a variety of color diagnostics systems, such as both the Four Seasons as well as Flow.      $365 per set of 16 diagnostic RangeFinders©