Vision-Board Create YOUR Life Workshop  An Image Builder Training Academy Program

Next Create Your LIfe, Vision-Board Workshop

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Special  Rate of $135

  The Kick Start Coaching Series-  An Image Builder Training Academy Program

Kick off your year with the Next Kick Start Series

on March, 2020

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 Are you poised for SUCCESS?

Are you clear about your purpose and plan to achieve it now?

 ​​What if in 6 or 12 months time you could look back and say,

"I created all that and I'm so pleased?"

 What if you were sure that the steps you are taking (or about to take) will lead you to your dream goals? 

What if you because you were clearer about your purpose you had the confidence to choose the right path

What if you knew where to get the answers and support?

 If so, then you are ready to... 


Envision  your future the way you really want it.

You can do that in the next

Vision Board

Create Your Life  Workshop

I’ve put together a Business Blasting, Business Building Kick Start Program to
  1)  use your clarity ,
          2)  leverage your talents and resources
          3)  allow yourself to be supported by a team of cheerleaders and champions who want you to succeed!  



​The Biz Building Kick Start Program includes:
  3   Live 60-min. Group Coaching web based calls
                  (you can be anywhere)
      3   1:1 Business review sessions
                   1      30-min. live coaching call per person
               +  2      Business development plan reviews via email with
constructive feedback and all-about-you support

 3   Weeks to:  

          1.  Get clear on your goal(s)
           2.  Get clear on your resources and your roadmap to success
 3.  Get moving, leveraging to launch   

As I said, I wanted to create something fast for you all.  Now,
 if you want to wait to get going then this is not for you.
There's MORE ...

I’ve added a Bonus Feature because I know how difficult it can be to do this all alone. 

You also have a 3 Month Peer Support Forum that is private to this group with 24/7 access

to me and your Peers.  Use it to build your business. 

You’ll get extra coaching support, be able to to share challenges,

exchange resources and celebrate your successes. ​

( Next Kick Start is in March 2020 )


Most of us have fleeting ideas of what we want to be, do or have in our lives. But they remain just that: fleeting . After all, who has the time to intentionally get clear about what we want to create?

A Vision Board is a way to sell your own ideas to yourself, to anchor to your dreams and to allow the magic of manifestation to work in your life. Finally!

It’s about first getting clear on your authentic life, letting go of what’s in the way – and then clearly connecting with your dreams while designing a vision that calls to you.

I've seen how the power of vision can manifest amazing results and I've see how an unclear vision, or a vision that gets 'hijacked' can be really painful.

That’s why I’m leading this CREATE YOUR LIFE VISION-BOARD WORKSHOP... to give you the space you need to intentionally define your dreams and create a Vision Board that will effortlessly attract your ideal outcomes to you!  


  • Clarity on what you really want (No more settling for someone else’s dreams)
  • Space and time to map out your ideal outcomes in each area of your life
  • Connection with like-minded peers (No Negative Nellies permitted!)
  • A method to clear out the natural “gunk” that arises (Time to let go!)
  • All the tools and time to create your own powerful Vision Board (You don’t have to bring a thing. I’ve got all the materials you need right in the room!)
  • Your very own Vision Board to take home and effortlessly attract your ideal  outcomes in the months ahead.
  • A full day of breathing room and dream-time. (The very thing you keep telling  yourself you’ll give yourself but never do!)


“Thank you, Dominique.  Just embracing my Word for last year helped me create the "ORDER" I

was seeking.  I was really pleased with the results and such a

simple technique.   I’m now excited to take it to the next level this year!        - MaryAnne K.

I'm sharing my Magical "3" Profit Plan for 2020  just for you!
What I know about image consultants is that you want:

· More Cash
· Clients who pay you
· To work doing what you love
· To have loads of satisfaction from  it
· Be rewarded and praised for your great work 
So, what’s your plan to get there?
        Where do you start?


Or, are you asking yourself if you can actually succeed at this?
           1)  use your clarity ,
          2)  leverage your talents and resources
          3)  allow yourself to be supported by a team of cheerleaders and
               champions who want you to succeed!   

Your investment is $ 333
to get you moving toward in the 1st Quarter! 

How much will one client be worth to you? 

How much is lost time costing you by putting off getting started?
How much is learning about a shortcut to success of value to you?

Here’s what you need to know to be part of this group-

Dates of the Live Group Web Calls are:      1st-    



How'd you like to get some support in making your vision a reality?

 . . . .then consider having the "KickStart" series help you make those next steps with clarity, confidence and the conviction to make it all real

Stay tuned for the upcoming

"Web Chats"