What You'll Learn

  • Use advanced communication skills that help you connect with high level clients and executives so that you clearly understand their needs, seal the deal, and confident you'll get the job done and done right.
  • Provide skills for natural self-promotion through problem solving and clear communications.
  • Provide a needs assessment process by which a consultant can convert prospects into long-term client relationships that meet and surpass their expectations.
  • Tap into your natural communication style in order to more effectively connect with prospects and clients by identifying your personal selling style, and recognize the buying style of your clients using the DISC (TM) assessment tool (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness).
  • Apply the Q-ARC (Advance Relationship Connection) system; a simple and repeatable methodology for assessing the needs of your clients.
  • Identify ideal client targets and the best business matches for you.
  • Align your visual, verbal and nonverbal presence to confidently attract your ideal clients with clarity and conviction.
  • Leverage your strengths and market them in a way that is authentic and get you the results you want.
  • Engage in a sales dialogue that builds trust and results in improved client conversion rates.
  • Deliver your "elevator pitch" and brand promise in a way that makes people eager for more.
  • Incorporate non-verbal and multicultural communications awareness into your coaching practice as an added-value service.
  • Deliver necessary critiques to clients on sensitive issues as well as guide company leaders to better manage professional presence in the workplace.
  • Determine and communicate your fee structure so it's a no-brainer for potential clients.
  • Utilize a "needs analysis dialogue" providing and demonstrating the steps needed to redirect a conversation from mild interest to a booked appointment without the client feeling "sold to".
  • Present yourself on camera. 
  • Identify potential roadblocks to sales success and eliminate them from the process.


Let's Get You Started

​ On Your Path To Image Consulting Success!


          What You'll Learn

  • How to conduct full Image Consultation from beginning to end.
  • How to apply an in-depth color analysis and suggest colors according to your clients' energy, style and personality.
  • How to select shapes and styles according to the test client's body types, body structure and proportions, including clients with "fit challenges".
  • How to select and match patterns, prints and fabrics that link to a person's features.
  • How to create wardrobe plans and strategies for a client's lifestyle, comfort zone and professional and personal goals.
  • How to educate clients so they feel empowered and still have them come back for more.
  • The methodology behind both add-on sessions of closet analysis (shop their closet) and personal shopping.
  • ​Communication techniques and strategies that build rapport and long term client relationships.



​Want to find out more about each program? 

Let's take a look at the three stages you might find yourself...


How we can help you solve your image and communication challenges.  Contact us to set up your image communication and/or image business development chat.

​   ​2)   You might qualify to jump in, bypass the Bootcamp and start at the middle  ​​  

​         (Step Two - Skills to Services - S2S)  if you:

  • Have prior skills training from Fashion Institute of Technology, a private training group, or other Image Builder training modules
  • Now want to learn how to put theory into practice
  • Want to be part of a community of professionals with whom you can share ideas, network and grow
  • Have been working in the field and want a skills refresher
  • Want to take your image consulting business to the next stage​





You've got the desire  and that's the first step.  Knowing the clients you want to serve is next.  With this clarity, you can start putting the pieces of your business in place.  To help you reach your goals, we've designed a two-part program that teaches you the essential skills, followed by an on-demand component that gives you guided practical application, start-up methods, business building support and tools that get your business up and running in no time. 

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​   3)   You are ready for the Growth Level    

        (A.P.I.C. - Advanced Professional Image Communication training*)  when:

  • You're confident in services offered and want to sell them with more ease
  • You want more sales results but hate to sell
  • You're not so comfortable speaking to groups
  • You want to align your visual, verbal and nonverbal presence
  • You want to work with companies and groups and to know how to put together a workshop and a signature sales pitch
  • You want to leverage your strengths and market with authenticity
  • You want to be part of a Global Growth Group


   1)  Most people start at the beginning  (Step One - Image Skills Bootcamp NYC*) ​ 

         when they have little or no formal image consulting diagnostic skills, experience or certified training.

  • You may have been helping your friends and colleagues for free and now want to ​get paid.
  • Or, maybe you do have paying clients and you want to have more structure to your methodology,

         to be certified by one of the industry pioneers so that you can command higher fees.

Become A Well-Paid Image Consultant!

Turn Your Passion For Fashion And Your Desire To Help People Look And Feel Their Best, 

Into A Lucrative, Exciting Business And Lifestyle


 ​​​​ *The Image Skills BootCamp NY is only offered in conjunction with S2S.  However, S2S is available separately if you qualify. 

    Contact the team to find out your level, and also for A.P.I.C details.




         What You'll Learn

  • How to pick colors that enhance skin tones, hair and eye color.
  • How to coordinate colors to project communication messages strategically.
  • How to analyze body types and structure.
  • How to select clothes and styles that are the ideal fit for your clients.
  • How to select accessories that bring out the best in your clients' features.
  • How to compare and choose a fashion style system that's aligned with your approach.
  • How to find style vendors that match your clients' styling and wardrobe needs.
  • How to create a style portfolio you can use to attract your ideal clients.

"How do I know what stage I'm at?  Where do I start?​"