Learn and experience the basic skills of performing color analysis.


  • Basic Color Theory (a brief review of the Seasonal System)
  • Analyze Skin tones using photographs and diagnostic tools
  • Analyze Student skin tones using a 16 palette approach
  • Practice analyzing on both live people and case study examples
  • Analyze dominant traits and features that influence color selection
  • List the tools necessary for performing color analysis (diagnosis)
  • Demonstrate and identify the tools for setting up a consultation space
  • List Vendor Resources
  • Compare the color charts available to provide to clients as reference (color fans, fabric wallets)
  • Demonstrate the steps of the color analysis session with timing
  • Discuss client comfort zones and how to adapt
  • Introduce the variations of color palette types (flow types and those who are a little challenging to determine.)​
  • Analyze marketing opportunities those for fees and/or for free
  • Examine fee structures according to your global marketplace.
  • Discuss potential challenge areas for each student


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What do I need to be a successful color analyst?

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Your Take-Aways:
Color  Analysis Roadmap
Color Consultation Set-Up Checklist
Color Diagnostic Tools Resource Lists with    
discounts to certain vendors
Next Steps Action Plan to Get You Started   
Working as a Professional Color Consultant
Certificate of Completion from the IRC of of NY
          and signed by Dominique Isbecque

 Not included but available for purchase at any time are:
Quick Color Undertone tool
Color Fans for clients
Color Diagnostic Drapes
RangeFinder© Diagnostic tool